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Mr. Karl  Martin Davies

Mr. Karl Martin Davies

Name : Mr. Karl Martin Davies

Position: M.L.P Coordinator
Teaching: English and Mathematics teacher. (Preschool 1 -3, Prathom 1- 6, Mathayom 1 -3.)
Country: England
Town: Birmingham
Nationality: English
Qualification: B.A English Master of reading and writing – English Diploma – T.E.F.L Diploma -Teaching young learners.
Experience: I have been working at Poungkram School for 6 years to present. I have taught various subjects,mainly English and Mathematics. Before coming to Thailand, I was responsible for teaching Managers and workers from Land Rover Cars, Solihul, West Midlands, new procedures and practices, also teaching graduate students Engineering Principles for their N.V.Q qualifications. My duties include the day to day running of the Multi Language Programme, and preparing students for various speech competitions.

Mr.Derek Polak

Mr.Derek Polak

Name: Mr.Derek Polak

Position : Teacher

Teaching : English , Grammer + Conuersation

Country : English

Town : York

Nationality : British

Qualification : Hotel and Restaurant Management

Experience : Several years management experience. Responsible for training of colleagues in all areas . Operational +Health and safety.

Miss.Elung Esther  Dion

Miss.Elung Esther Dion

Name: Mrs. Dione Elung Esther

Country: Cameroon

Nationality: Cameroonian

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education In curriculum studies and teaching.Teachers Training College (Diploma grade1.)

Experience:     Taught English in Bilingual College, Cameroon

Poungkram School preschool 1 -3 – Conversation English and Mathematics.

Poungkram School Prathom 1-6 – English teacher.

Mr.Evenizor C.  Baladjay JR.

Mr.Evenizor C. Baladjay JR.

Name: Mr.Evenizor C. Baladjay JR.

Position : Teacher

Teaching : Science , E-con

Country : Philippines

Town : Davao City

Nationality : Filipino

Qualification : Bachelor of arts in Philosophy (Minor in English) Queen of Apostles College seminary

Experience : Has a intership in Qigihar University . Has been trained for the Volunteer Chinese teachers in Jilin University

Mr.Joseph  Cinco

Mr.Joseph Cinco

Name: Mr.Joseph  Cinco

Position : Teacher

Teaching : E-con , Maths and English

Country : Philippines

Town : Naga

Nationality :  Filipino

Qualification : (BSBA) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Experience : (RPC) Regeant Pacific College for 3 months. as English Teacher for Korean and Japanese students .Phonsungprachasan School Roiet for 1 year as E-con Teacher for thai students. Poungkram School Aranyanprathet for 1 year up to present as their Maths and e-con teacher for thailand Students

Miss. Sheena Krisel V.Nobel

Miss. Sheena Krisel V.Nobel

Name: Miss. Sheena Krisel V.Nobel

Position : Teacher

Teaching : Mathematics and English Conversation Philippines

Country : Philippines

Town: Cebu City

Nationality: Filipino

Qualification : bachelor of secondary education major in mathematics (Cebu city Philippines) Cebu institute of technology university

Experience : Marianne childhood education center (MCEC) – High School

Miss. Daisy C. Manatad

Miss. Daisy C. Manatad

Name : Miss. Daisy C. Manatad

Position : Teacher

Teaching : Maths and English Conversation

Country : Philippines

Town: Sogod Southern Leyte

Nationality: Filipino

Qualification : Bachelors of  Arts Majar in Social Saence

Experience : Has been employed by Centre D’etude De Mahershalalhash baz Emmanuel Inc. from April 13 , 2006 – May 15 , 2009 as a Pre-School Teacher. (Phulippines)

Miss.Claudine Mae L.Luengas

Miss.Claudine Mae L.Luengas

Name : Miss.Claudine Mae L.Luengas

Position : Teacher

Teaching : English Conversation and Math

Country : Philippines

Town: Lutac City of Naga , Cebu Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Qualification : Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Experience : None

 ครูต่างชาติ ภาษากัมพูชา


Nget Somoeun

Name: Nget    Somoeun

Position: Teacher

Country: Cambodia

Town : Paoy  Pet To

Nationality: Cambodian

Qualification: Bachelor of Art in Foreign Language at western University, Prom Dench, Cambodia

Experience: 11,De,2012-11,No,2013        Khmer  and  English Teacher at Dongnamron  school.

11, No, 2013-Now            Khmer  and  Computer Teacher at Poungkram school.

 ครูต่างชาติ ภาษาจีน

miss. Jiao Mengyao

miss. Jiao Mengyao

Name : miss. Jiao Mengyao

Position : Chinese Teacher

Teaching : Chinese

Country : China

Town: Chengdu , sichuan Province of China

Nationality: Chinese

Qualification : Majored in Teaching Chinese as a foreign languge get the Bachelor’s degree.

Experience : -Assist a French to learn Chinese speaking and grammer for one month.

– Working as a Chinese teacher in Gong County No.1 high school for two mouth

Miss. Miya

Miss. Miya

Name : Miss. Miya

Position : Chinese Teacher

Teaching : Chinese

Country : China

Town : Cheng du

Nationality: China

Qualification : Accounting qualitication certificate

Experience : –  Teacher training center

– Customer manager of financial

Miss. Li Silin

Miss. Li Silin

Name : Miss. Li Silin

Position : Teacher for Grand 1 & 2

Teaching : Chinese

Country : China

Town: Harbin

Nationality: Chinese

Qualification : Graduates from Harbin Normal University.

2014 Outstanding Intern. International Volunteer Chinese Teacher.

HSK Examiner (Chinese Level  Examination)

Experience : Has a intership in Qiqihar University.

Has been trained for the Volunteer Chinese teachers in Jilin Univerrity


Name : 

Position : Teacher

Teaching :

Country : 



Qualification :

Experience :

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